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Gigi Johnson

UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music
Monrovia, California

In this context, I am standing between two moving platforms.  I have been teaching remotely around the world for many years, and have been part of the experience of UCLA shifting to remote instruction.  I'm fascinated by the crisis leadership within and across organizations in both education and creative arts, with some intriguing similarities.  I also moved two classes online for the Spring, sharing the experiences with 120 students from a variety of background.

I research and create programs on where belief, technology, education, creative work and social/community ecosystems are going in a digitally accelerated age. Through the Maremel Institute’s various programs, I create transformative experiences with community partners about how creative work is changing.  I have advised leaders in start-ups and larger organizations in media, music, and education.  I have spoken around the world on digital transformations -- both of the past and in the extended future.  

UCLA has been part of my home for 20 years, where I have taught undergraduates, MBAs, and executives about digital disruption in creative industries. I have taught Music Industry courses at UCLA Alpert for more than 10 years, and produced the UCLA podcast "Innovating Music." *I was the Founding Executive Director of the UCLA Center for Music Innovation for five years.  I previously had run centers and taught courses and executive programs on digital disruption and creative systems change at UCLA Anderson for 14 years.